Typography and simplicity in design are what excite me most. From starting out in advertising in 1995 as a junior graphic designer, to designing my first illustrated book in 2005, creating cohesive narratives with words and images, has been a constant endeavour.
With the increase in digital media, illustrated books have become extra special. And being part of the making-of, even more so. Whether shooting or selecting, and sequencing images, or engaging with a manuscript, it all comes together on a beautifully designed page.
I pride myself in being sensitive to content, and context, whilst keeping a keen eye on trends in both fiction and non-fiction markets. Cover design, without fail, remains the pudding in my day.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with most of South Africa’s trade publishers, with content spanning Arts and Lifestyle, to History and Politics. Clients include Bookstorm, Human & Rousseau, Jacana, Jonathan Ball, Kwela, Penguin Random House, Tafelberg and Umuzi.
Focused on illustrated titles, I take on private commissions locally and internationally. Clients include Stellenbosch University, Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez, Tokara, and The Royal Portfolio.
& Other things
Forever fascinated with references and messages a typographic style might convey – brand design has always informed my design sense. I’ve worked with art fairs, and music festivals to create brand collateral, including advertising and catalogue design.
I do believe it’s a sense of humour during trying times that wins the day. Drop me a line. I like all kinds of pudding.​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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